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While walking down the street yesterday I ran into an ecstatic student who had just received his first test back in class. He achieved the best score in a class full of students admitted to Bucknell University as first-years and even some graduate students! Sean Fortney is a transfer student from the Harrisburg Area Community College – yet another highly qualified candidate recruited by the selective University through the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s (JKCF) community college transfer program. The Bucknell Community College Scholars Program, or BCCSP, is one of eight programs being run under the JKCF’s Community College Transfer Initiative.

Students recruited by elite four-year institutions through this initiative are demonstrating their ability to succeed in the most competitive environments. They have awed their professors and colleagues with their dedication and hard work. And above all is the fact that the degree of success for these students seems to be proportional to the selectivity of the college that they attend!

Please read research reports released by the Foundation regarding the achievement gap and its connection to the socioeconomic status of students and their families. Jennifer Gonzales does a good job of summarizing the success of this initiative in her article in The Chronicle.